Business ideas in tamil

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Business ideas in tamil

Not all manufacturing businesses need heavy capital. Here's a list of 20 small business ideas you can work on with low investment. Starting a business, they say, is not about ideas. But aspiring founders often find themselves struggling — with investments and ideas — before they join the hustle.

business ideas in tamil

You may have a bunch of ideas in your mind, but there are times when those ideas lack proper direction and you decide to switch plans. This is the period where most aspiring founders struggle to find a balance. Starting a business needs utmost determination and confidence, but you have to be very clear about your business idea before you step into the entrepreneurial arena.

To make the hustle easier, SMBStory has drawn up a list of 20 profitable manufacturing business ideas that you can start with low investment.

business ideas in tamil

Candles are always in demand, which is what makes this an extremely popular business option. The traditional demand for candles comes from religious and decoration purposes. During festivals, the demand is extremely high. Otherwise too, these days the demand for scented and therapeutic candles is also on the rise with many restaurants, households, and hotels using them to create an ambience.

The candle-making business can be initiated from home with low investment of approximately Rs 20,Rs 30, The raw materials used to start the business include wax, wick, moulds, thread, aroma oils, and more. Apart from the major raw materials, you also need to have some candle-making equipment. This includes a melting pot, thermometer, pour pot, weighing scale, hammer, and an oven to melt wax. Pickles are a traditional food item in India and are extremely popular. You will find at least one variant of pickle in every Indian household.

Thus, if you want to start small, a pickle business is a safe and easy option.

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You can start this business at your home with a small capital of approximately Rs 20,Rs 25, Agarbattis are used in most Indian households, and their popularity and demand picks up during the festive season. Their exports have also grown, on the back of the rising popularity of meditation in other countries and the associated use of agarbattis.

The first step of small-scale manufacturing of agarbattis involves buying bamboo sticks and essential oils with fragrances such as sandalwood, jasmine, rose, champa, etc. The sticks are coated with the oils, and dried. Automatic and semi-automatic agarbatti-making machines, costing upwards of Rs 50, can be used for bulk production. Buttons are one of the most essential trimmings used in the garment industry and have huge market potential.

From plastic to fabric and steel buttons, there are various categories in this niche that you can select depending upon your choice of business. You can either rent out a space or start at home with a basic investment of approximately Rs 30,Rs 40, Lace is commonly used in garments and for craft work.

It is a traditional form of business and can easily be started at home. With emerging fashion trends, the demand for different kinds of laces has increased. Laces are also exported to various countries, which makes this a good option for those who want to start small. Laces can be designed manually, through bobby machines, or fully computerised machines — after you decide on the scale of operations. You can start this business with a low investment of approximately Rs 25,Rs 50, India is the second-largest producer of footwear after China.

Top 10 Small Investment Business Ideas In Tamilnadu

The shoes the country manufactures can be segregated into categories like sports, formal, casual, and others.Iowa farmers supply huge quantities of corn and pork to China. So agriculture remains an important business here in the U. If you have a city or suburban home, you can still plant some crops in small or vertical containers to get the most out of your space. Herbs like basil, parsley and mint can make for great agriculture products. So you can grow it at your home or farm and sell it.

You can also plant a variety of different vegetables and harvest them to sell or make into different products. Or you could grow and harvest various types of fruit to sell or make into other fruit based products.

Soybeans, cloves and other types of crops require a fair amount of field space to grow.

25+ Hot Business Ideas and Opportunity in Chennai 2020

But if you have the land, you can harvest specific crops to sell to food producers. You can also start your own nursery where you grow and sell different types of plants to consumers or businesses. If you have the space and the ability to care for cows or other dairy animals, you could start your own dairy farms where you produce milk, cheese and similar products. Or you could focus on caring for chickens and other poultry animals to supply food production companies.

Fish farming is also a growing sector of the agriculture — or in this case, aquaculture — industry. The process requires raising fish in large tanks or enclosures. You can also raise rabbits for a variety of different purposes within small pens or similar enclosures.

It might sound strange, but you can raise snails for use in escargot. And snail slime can also be used by companies for a variety of different purposes. Beekeeping is an activity that can lead to a variety of different product-based business ventures. You can also collect and process beeswax and sell it to companies or individuals that use it to make candles and similar products.

Soy is another popular substance that can be used in a variety of different products. So if you can harvest and process it, you can sell it to companies for various uses. If you grow or process food items, you can also build a business around delivering fresh food items to local consumers who want to buy local products. You could also harvest food that can be sold in bulk, like rice or corn product, that you can sell wholesale to food production companies.

Or you could start a B2B business that produces weed killer specifically for farmers or other agricultural businesses. You can also start a business that processes meat products to sell to consumers or grocery markets. You could even start a florist business where you grow your own flowers to use in different products and arrangements.

There are also plenty of different plants you can grow that will allow you to create various spices that you can process and sell. You could also specialize in organic gardening practices so you can market your products to health and eco-conscious consumers. Or you could even offer your expertise to other farmers or agriculture businesses that want to utilize sustainable methods as a consultant. If you have the capital to purchase farming or agriculture equipment, you could start a business where you rent or lease that equipment out to farmers.

Compost can be a useful tool for food growers.Small Manufacturing Business Ideas with Low investment. If you are getting bored with your job and want to do something exciting, you can consider some of the small manufacturing business ideas which can be started with a low investment.

There are several manufacturing business ideas, however, all of them may not suit everyone. One should be able to pick-up small investment business idea before jumping into the business. Which are the best 50 small manufacturing business ideas with low investment?

Which are the small scale business that may suit you?

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Also Read:. Here are some of the small investment business ideas in the manufacturing segment. Just select one of the manufacturing business ideas and start moving. The business requires space and machines.

If you have initial capital you can opt for bank loan facilities and start up your venture. These days a lot of incense sticks Agarbattis are being exported around the globe as well which further increases your market.

So explore and create traditional and healthy pickles to create your own brand and grow big in the market. Limited capital, space and time needed to make the same if you have the right set of labors to work for you.

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Indian cashews are also well known across boundaries. Cashew nut processing which includes removing the cover as well as making it more saleable by making it salted or adding different spices. This is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas as there is good demand for processing cashew in India and across the world.

There are a lot of competitors, but the use and throw nature keeps the demand for the same high. As people are shifting to renewable sources of energy due to reduced renewable sources, biodiesel production is one of the future needs. As the name suggests bio means attained from plants and animals. This will have an increased use in the future and requires average capital to start the business.

This is one of the top emerging small manufacturing business ideas now. There are innumerable products, which can be formed from milk. Ranging from ghee, butter to cream, you can keep on increasing the range of produces depending on the capital and space available. However, do remember to get the right licenses and keep it clean.Tamil Nadu has the second largest economy in India.

As the most industrialized state of India, Tamil Nadu is also the most urbanized state. Tamil Nadu has a network of about industrial parks and estates offering developed plots with supporting infrastructure. Agriculture, automotive, manufacturing, transportation, textile, electronics, leather, fireworks, mining, energy and tourism are the most potential sector of the state.

Here in this article, we intend to explore 10 profitable small business ideas in Tamilnadu. Art supplies store is a profitable and lucrative retail opportunity for any individual who is passionate about art and has knowledge about the equipment that is essential for the artists.

You can establish an art supplies store by having a small retail location with a flair stock of popular art supplies essentials. A proper market research about the products and its competitors is essential. Read More….

business ideas in tamil

Tamil Nadu has manufacturing facilities from automobiles, railway coaches, battle-tanks, tractors, motorbikes and heavy vehicles to ships. An auto-body store with allied services is one of the most profitable business ideas in Tamilnadu. Auto-body store business is providing services of auto body repairing and new body building as well as selling spare parts and accessories related to the vehicle body. As the numbers of the vehicle are growing, the business opportunity of the auto-body store is also increasing globally.

Tamil Nadu is the second largest state economy and the second most industrialised state after Maharashtra. The state boasted of the highest number of factories across segments in automobiles and components, castings and forgings, pumps and motors, garments and textiles, leather, and chemicals and plastics, to name a few. Any type of consulting service providing is one of the most profitable business in Tamilnadu. Any type of graphic design service is one the most viable service based business ideas in Tamilnadu.

You can start the operation as the home based with a computer with some specific software. Adequate knowledge about designing and marketing is important. Hundreds of leather and tannery facilities are located in Tamilnadu around Vellore and its nearby towns, such as Ranipet, Ambur and Vaniyambadi.

The state accounts for 70 per cent of leather tanning capacity in India and 38 per cent of leather footwear and components. An aspiring garment fashion designing professional having experience to work with the leather item can start leather garment making business. Owing a manicure pedicure salon business can be fun and profitable and is a great business idea to start and manage from home based location while operating the service on a mobile basis.

Many people, including both men and women, enjoy getting a professional pedicure and manicure occasionally. Tamil Nadu has since ancient past, has been a hub for tourism. In recent years, the state has emerged as one of the leading tourist destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. With cheap and quality tertiary medical care available in Chennai, Madurai, Coimbatore and Vellore, Tamil Nadu has the largest numbers in medical tourism in India.

Medical tourism business is finding right places with the right medical services for your clients and arranging a hassle-free trip for them. Medical tourism business alternatively called health tourism and wellness tourism. Read Mo re…. The agency has largely been responsible for instigating the tremendous growth of Tamil Nadu in the development of wind power. You can start any sort of business in oil and gas industry in Tamilnadu.Looking for business ideas in Chennai? If yes, then this article is for you.

Chennai with a population of 71 lakhs offers a great opportunity for the small and big entrepreneur. Chennai, also known as the capital of Tamil Nadu is the most favorite destination spot of foreigners. Also, it has one of the largest market potentials for the transportation business.

In Chennai, most of the women also do jobs thus the demand for housemaids is very high in metropolitan cities like Chennai.

business ideas in tamil

Finding a good maid for housework is a difficult task and as a small entrepreneur, you should grab the opportunity and convert it into a business model. If you want to be rich then opening a fast food center in Chennai is the best opportunity. Serving fast food at an affordable price with good hygiene is the plan. There are many types of fast foods that people of Chennai loves to eat. Location is the first important thing in the success of any fast food center so choose a location with a running crowd.

Not only ladies but gents visit the salon very often to keep up their style with the latest trend. With the small capital investment, you can easily start this business.

The initial capital investment would be like 1 to 2 lakhs including shop rent, equipment, decoration and salary of the hairstylist. The demand for disposable paper plate is increasing rapidly because of their availability in the market. These types of plates are mainly used to serve foods thus; the market potential for the disposable paper plate is wide.

Starting your disposable paper plates manufacturing is a great business opportunity in Chennai. Automobile repairing is always on top.

51 Small Business Ideas for 2020

If you want to invest a handsome amount then I would advise you to consider starting an automobile repairing business. After jio, the user base of smartphones has been increased rapidly. More smartphones mean more customers for mobile repairing centers. Starting a mobile repairing business is very easy and cost-effective which means you can start it with 30, rupees which includes shop deposit, rent, requirements, etc. Babysitting agency is another hot business idea in Chennai. Initialing a babysitting agency is an excellent business idea in Chennai.

I would advise you to do proper market research to understand how much other maid agencies are charging and competition. Tiffin delivery service is another hot business opportunity in a city like Chennai.

By starting a tiffin delivery service you can solve this problem also you can earn a handsome amount of money. Security agency provides security guards to housing blocks, corporate structure, and individuals. Strong management and communication skills are required to acquire potential clients.Do you live in a small town, village or in a rural area in India or any or other countries around the world?

Are you searching for low-cost small town business ideas that will do good profit in towns and rural areas? Here in this article, we have compiled 60 most profitable small town business ideas for small cities, villages and rural areas.

Small towns or Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are coming out to be the emerging markets all across the globe. Small towns are potentially the biggest market for consumer goods and as well as eCommerce companies.

Find below the selected list of businesses you can start with a low investment for people staying in small towns. The demand for acrylic buttons is increasing due to an increase in the consumption of garments used for domestic use and for exports. The consumption of both these sectors have registered significant growth in the past and it will continue to show good growth in future years.

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Any individual can start Agarbatti making business on a small scale. Agarbatti is considered as household goods having great market potential. The burning of Agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions has been practiced traditionally for a long time.

People nowadays also use it for better aromatic experience at home. The aluminum door window manufacturing business is one of the profitable small business manufacturing opportunities in the light engineering industry sector. You can start this business with small startup capital. Aluminum foil is used in different industries in different forms. The demand for ATM space is high.

The banks usually rent the space for a certain amount of years and the contract is renewed every two or three years.

If you are looking forward to a fixed monthly income, ATM space renting is a good retail business proposition for you. The bakery is one of the most profitable small town business opportunities one can initiate by having owned or rented space. Selecting the right product and proper marketing strategy are the major deciding factor in getting success in the bakery business.

According to the demand and financial aspect you will need to choose the specific products for your bakery business. Banana wafers are under-ripe bananas that are cut into slice dipped in syrup solution, dried under the sun or in the oven, fried and eaten as snack food or dessert.

Additionally, you can sell the item both in the local and export markets. You can initiate this business on a small scale basis.

This is a very good consumer product and one of the best business ideas for small towns. You can start the business with small capital investment. Knowledge in the textile industry is important. Small, medium and large scale operation is possible. Bio-diesel production unit can be established on a small scale basis at any place where the main raw material Jatropha oil is easily available.

There is a continuous search for renewable sources of fuels due to the rate of depletion of fossils. The term biofuel is used to define fuels that are obtainable from plants or animals. Being a renewable source, it is gaining attention all over the world today.

A bridal store focused on specialty wedding attire with allied wedding supplies product is a profitable retail venture in the clothing and fashion industry. Even in a poor economy, brides to be and their wedding parties spend a lot of money on bridal attire and wedding accessories because weddings are memorable once-in-a-lifetime events.

Aromatic decorative candles have a big market. It is used as a gift item also. Candle making business can be initiated as small-scale. Women especially can try this business. Any individual can start a canned Rasgulla making business with moderate capital investment.Looking for inspiration to identify the best small business ideas for ?

With so many business ideas, finding the right one is easier said than done. It may seem like all of the good business ideas or the best small business ideas have been taken, but they are not. Most successful small business ideas come from individuals who work for someone else but they believe they can do better. Some might start out as employees or apprentices for other businesses and then gradually build up the skills and experience before they set out on their own.

With the right idea and determination, anyone can make their dreams of having their own small business come true. We show you how by walking you through:.

If you have the experience working for a company that does home repairs or contracting work, then you can fairly easily start your own contracting business where you offer various services to homeowners. Starting a landscaping business or lawn care business mainly just requires some equipment, transportation and a steady base of clients. If you have writing skills, you can get started with your own writing business fairly easily by offering your services to businesses on a freelance basis.

You can also fairly easily start your own blog where you post about topics that match up with your own experience and expertise.

Virtual assistants can offer a variety of different online services to businesses and professionals. A virtual assistant handles email organization and communication, social media scheduling and bookkeeping.

You can start a virtual assistant business even if your experience in those areas comes from working for other companies. A courier is one of the small business ideas that simply provides a service that delivers messages from one person to another.

You can also start a business that offers various errand services like picking up dry cleaning or groceries. Or you could focus more on building up your own social media accounts and eventually build your business as a social media influencer. Influencers is one of the small business ideas that can earn an income from posting about various brands and promotions. If you have any crafty skills, you can put them to good use by making various items by hand and then selling them on sites like Etsywhich make it fairly easy for beginner business owners.

You can also focus more on selling your goods in person. Flea markets and similar events provide a pretty simple way for new business owners to get started selling various items.

If you have knowledge or experience in web design, you can offer your services to clients and build your own business as a web designer. You can also take a more low-tech approach and offer services as a house painter for local homeowners or even businesses. If you enjoy spending time with four-legged friends, you can start a business as a dog walker. Starting a food service business is one of the small business ideas that can be pretty involved for a beginner.


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