Windows 10 sso not working

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Windows 10 sso not working

Select a search Explain These Choices Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP. Search this topic Search XI Server Discussion Hi, When user try to login with windows 10 production environment, they are prompted with the login page which should not be the case.

On windows 7 os SSO configuration is working fine.

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Is the issue with all Windows 10 desktop or with any specific user with Windows 10? The issue is with all Windows 10 computers.

Connecting Windows 10 Pro to Office 365

Browser used and its version? When attempting to use Google Chrome for the single sign on process it does not sign on. However when some other users attempted to use it, they are approached with the logon page.

windows 10 sso not working

Have you checked the issue with any different browser? Yes, the user logon page is presented when using Google Chrome. What is the behavior when the browser is run in compatible mode? It works fine for me when using Internet Explorer in compatibility mode.

The information in the middle of the page loads a bit slower. Please can you advise. Back to top. Thanks John for the response. It really helps. I will explore on this. We get prompted to a login. For SSO to work, the client should request via Kerberos for login.

I can see a kerberos call only on Win 7 machine and not on Win 10 machine. Customer has a Group Policy based security model on their Windows Machines.

My suspect is around the group policy they have in place for Win Customer wants to pinpoint which setting in Win 10 they need to modify to accomplish SSO. Please advise. I checked BOBJ at the same time and it also worked.

So it is Credential Guard that is causing the issues. Saieshranjan wrote:. Hi, We found similar issue with one customer where they want credential guard to be enabled. Please can you advise any solution or inputs.Microsoft Passport for Work works. SSO relies on special tokens obtained for each of the types of applications above. These are in turn used to obtain access tokens to specific applications. This is true for both Azure AD joined and domain joined devices.

windows 10 sso not working

In personal devices registered with Azure AD, the PRT is initially obtained upon Add Work or School Account in a personal device the account to unlock the device is not the work account but a consumer account e. Without it, the user will be prompted for credentials when accessing applications every time. Please also note that the PRT contains information about the device. The PRT has a validity of 90 days with a 14 day sliding window. If the PRT is constantly used for obtaining tokens to access applications it will be valid for the full 90 days.

After 90 days it expires and a new PRT needs to be obtained. Now, there is a caveat for domain joined devices. This is a behavior we want to change and hope to make for the next update of Windows. This would mean that even if the user goes off the corporate network, the PRT can be updated. The implication of this behavior today, is that a domain joined device needs to come into the corporate network either physically or via VPN at least once every 14 days.

The diagram shows the flow in parallel to the long standing Windows Integrated authentication flow for reference and comparison. The credentials are obtained by a Credential Provider. For simplicity in the diagram these two are shown as one Cloud AP box. The plug-in will know about the Azure AD tenant and the presence of the AD FS by the information cached during device registration time.

I explain this at the end of step 2 in the post Azure AD Join: what happens behind the scenes? Note: This post has been updated to reflect that the end-point used is the usernamemixed and not the windowstransport as it was previously stated. The plug-in will respond with the nonce signed with the Windows Hello for Business credential key. The session key is decrypted by the plug-in and imported to the TPM using the Kstk.

To troubleshoot why the PRT is not obtained can be a topic for a full post, however one test you can do is to check whether that same user can authenticate to Officesay via browser to SharePoint Online, from a domain joined computer without being prompted for credentials. One other reason that I have seen PRT not being obtained, is when the device has a bad transport key Kstk. I have seen this in devices that have been registered in a very early version of Windows which upgraded to eventually.

One remediation for this case is to reset the TPM and let the device register again. When a client application connects to a service application that relies in Azure AD for authentication for example the Outlook app connecting to Office Exchange Online the application will request a token to the Web Account Manager using its API. This could happen for multiple reasons including the PRT has expired or when MFA authentication for the user is required, etc.

Once the caller application receives this code, it will be able to call a separate API that will display a web control for the user to interact. After returning the access token to the application 6the client application will use the access token to get access to the service application 7. Also, if you are thinking in deploying Azure AD joined devices you will start enjoying some additional benefits that come with it.

Like Like. Hi Jairo, Thanks for the very detailed article. One AzureAD protected resource will be enough. New PRT will only be obtained if the initial expired which mean after 90 days or 14 days. Regarding 3 in the personal registered devices via Add Work or School Account.

From an Admin Point view what do I have to do to revoke the Credentials. Is there something more that has to be done on the device side? Hi Jairo, Thanks for such detailed articles on this topic. Your articles and comments have helped get me past some initial bumps, but I seem to have hit a roadblock.It is because of the feature called "Windows Credential guard" which comes along with Win If we disable credential guard, SSO is working fine in Win 10 machines. In case of Win 7 machines, SSO is working fine as expected.

But my requirement is to Perform SSO with credential guard in Win 10 because it brings lot of security features. If you followed KBA to setup constrained delegation and it failed then it was not setup properly. To note clients cache their previous kerberos tickets so when setting it up you must clear the cache dos prompt klist purge before attempting SSO also mentioned in that KBA. Not what you're looking for?

Search community questions. This question has been deleted. This question has been undeleted. Former Member. Posted on Oct 18, at PM Views. Also I have performed the BO service account's delegation settings in the below scenarios.

Win 10 With credential guard Not working. Win 10 Without credential guard --Working fine. Trust this user for delegation to specified services only.

Win 10 Without credential guard --Not working. Thanks in advance, Manhoj. Add comment. Related questions. Sort by: Votes Newest Oldest. This answer has been deleted. This answer has been undeleted. Jawahar Konduru. Posted on Oct 18, at PM. Did you look at this KB article? Alert Moderator. You already have an active moderator alert for this content. Oct 19, at PM. Show all. Dell Stinnett-Christy. Posted on Oct 19, at PM.

windows 10 sso not working

Which browser are you using? Posted on Oct 31, at PM. Manhoj, Did you find a solution? Nov 01, at AM. SAP is trying to push it to Microsoft as it involves constrained delegation.Skip to main content. Select Product Version. All Products. This article discusses how to troubleshoot single sign-on setup issues in a Microsoft cloud service such as OfficeMicrosoft Intune, or Microsoft Azure.

If you encounter a problem when you set up SSO by using that guidance, you can refer to this article. It provides a roadmap to help troubleshoot common problems with each setup step. Step 4: Implement Active Directory synchronization Setup guidance Go to the following Microsoft websites: Directory synchronization roadmap Directory synchronization and source of authority Validation for step 4 To validate, follow these steps: Run the Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell as an admin.

Type the following commands. Make sure that you press Enter after you type each command. When this happens, rerun these steps to make sure that the LastDirSyncTime value was updated appropriately. For more information about the system requirements for Officego to Office system requirements. Run Office Desktop Setup on all client computers that use rich client applications. Office desktop applications, and Microsoft SharePoint integration applications. Click the Security tab, click Local intranetclick Sitesand then click Advanced.

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Note "sts. Still need help? Last Updated: Nov 13, Was this information helpful? Yes No. Tell us what we can do to improve the article Submit. Your feedback will help us improve the support experience. Australia - English. Bosna i Hercegovina - Hrvatski.

Canada - English. Crna Gora - Srpski. Danmark - Dansk. Deutschland - Deutsch. Eesti - Eesti. Hrvatska - Hrvatski. India - English. Indonesia Bahasa - Bahasa.The scenario is:. For example, you want to connect to a corporate network and access an internal website that requires Windows integrated authentication. At a high level, the way this works is that the credentials that are used for the connection authentication are put in Credential Manager as the default credentials for the logon session.

Windows 10 Office 365 SSO not working anymore

Credential Manager is a place where credentials in the OS are can be stored for specific domain resources based on the targetname of the resource. When the user tries to access a domain resource, using Edge for example, Edge has the right Enterprise Authentication capability so WinInet can release the credentials that it gets from the Credential Manager to the SSP that is requesting it.

For more information about the Enterprise Authentication capability, see App capability declarations. The local security authority will look at the device application, such as a Universal Windows Platform UWP application, to see if it has the right capability.

If the app is not UWP, it does not matter. If it does have that capability and if the resource that you are trying to access is in the Intranet zone in the Internet Options ZoneMapthen the credential will be released. This behavior helps prevent credentials from being misused by untrusted third parties.

If the resource that needs to be accessed has multiple domain labels, then the workaround is to use the Registry CSP. This adds the specified domains to the Intranet Zone of the Edge browser. For VPN, the following types of credentials will be added to credential manager after authentication:.

If the credentials are certificate-based, then the elements in the following table need to be configured for the certificate templates to ensure they can also be used for Kerberos client authentication.

You need IP connectivity to a DNS server and domain controller over the network interface so that authentication can succeed as well. The domain controllers must be using certificates based on the updated KDC certificate template Kerberos Authentication. This requires that all authenticating domain controllers run Windows Serveror you'll need to enable strict KDC validation on domain controllers that run previous versions of Windows Server.

windows 10 sso not working

You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. You want to use the credentials that you use for the WiFi or VPN authentication to also authenticate requests to access a domain resource you are connecting to, without being prompted for your domain credentials separately.

User certificate templates If the credentials are certificate-based, then the elements in the following table need to be configured for the certificate templates to ensure they can also be used for Kerberos client authentication. This requirement is particularly relevant in multi-forest environments as it ensures a domain controller can be located. This requirement is particularly relevant in multi-forest environments as it ensures a domain controller can be located when the SubjectName does not have the DN required to find the domain controller.

Active Directory requirements You need IP connectivity to a DNS server and domain controller over the network interface so that authentication can succeed as well.As you begin to troubleshoot your SSO environment, it may be useful to walk through the items in the following table to ensure all components are working as expected:. This will initiate the start of the service after all Automatic services have completed their startup routines.

The Enterprise Single Sign-On service disables an affiliate application if the application administrator account associated with it is not valid. Ensure that the SSO application administrator account is valid before you create an affiliate application. You must then enable the affiliate application to use the application. This error occurs when the user specifies the wrong server information, or when the SSO Service is not available on the remote server.

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The master secret is missing or corrupt. It normally generates during configuration. If the secret is missing, one of the following messages will display in the event log as the Enterprise Single Sign-On service starts. This problem can occur if a secret is generated while the Enterprise Single Sign-On service SSO was running under one service account, and then the service account was changed.

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The secret is stored in the registry in encrypted form, and is encrypted using a key based on the identity of the service account which ENTSSO runs under. Change the service account ENTSSO is running under to the original service account when the master secret was created. Back up the master secret.

Restore the master secret. For more information, see How to Restore the Master Secret. Implementing Enterprise Single Sign-On. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode.

As you begin to troubleshoot your SSO environment, it may be useful to walk through the items in the following table to ensure all components are working as expected: Question Comments Is there anything in the Application event log from the SSO system?

Configuring SSO (Single Sign-On) Authentication on Windows Server RDS

Is the SSO service installed correctly? Does it start as expected? Under which service account is the SSO service running?Single Sign-On SSO is the technology that allows an authenticated signed on user to access other domain services without re-authentication. Applied to the Remote Desktop Service, SSO allows a user logged on to the domain computer not to re-enter account credentials username and password when connecting to the RDS servers or launching published RemoteApps.

Firstly, you need to issue and assign an SSL certificate. The next step is the configuration of the credentials delegation policy. The policy allows certain servers to access the credentials of Windows users:.

Troubleshoot single sign-on (SSO) issues with Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

Do you trust the publisher of this RemoteApp program? To prevent this message from being displayed each time at user logon, you need to get the SSL certificate thumbprint on the RD Connection Broker and add it to the list of trusted rdp publishers. Now, when you start mstsc. Do these settings still apply? We have 8 RSH and have 4 session collections 2 in each session, we have the issue where the client is offered connection to RSH not in their collection.

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Max March 15, - pm I think SSO in this case will not work if there is no trust relationship between these domains. Rick April 8, - pm S. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.


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